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In a co-employment relationship the P.E.O. acts as the administrative employer and the client acts as the worksite employer. The client maintains control of the business and is in charge of all business decision making including employee supervision and staffing decisions. The P.E.O. handles the time consuming administrative tasks associated with the employment relationship. Typical services include Human Resources services, payroll, benefits administration, and risk management.

Companies in virtually every industry use the services provided by Surge. Any company interested in trying to improve its performance and bottom line should consider this type of partnership.

NO! The management relationship that you have with your employees will continue, but the partnership enables you improved HR-related products and services.

No. The Surge Service Agreement provides for a mutually beneficial working relationship between our companies. It may be discontinued at any time with 30 days written notice.

In response to the always increasing health care premiums in New England, Surge was one of the first P.E.O.s to offer an Health Savings Account (HSA) program. The HSA program has given many companies the ability to offer health benefits due to the lower costs.


Yes. Paying wages is an essential part of the co-employment relationship. Without this component Surge would not be able to provide workers compensation, health benefits and various other services. Employers provide the salary and hours for each worksite employee and Surge processes the payroll and files all taxes and reports.


By partnering with Surge, it allows you to focus on growing your business instead of a myriad of human resource issues which take time, money and expertise to deal with. Surge partners enjoy the benefit of volume buying and a staff of professionals to help deliver your human resource programs.


In most other PEOs, your salesperson is never seen again once you become a client. Oftentimes you are assigned to a voice on the phone, senior management is located in Florida or Arizona and there is nobody local to give you answers. At Surge, our account client representatives that introduced you to our services will be there to answer all your questions as well as a dedicated operations person. You can also call and speak to one of the Surge owners to get your questions answered immediately. They are hands-on and very accessible for day to day interaction.


NO! Surge will explain exactly what is offered and how much it costs during the initial sales visit. It is very important to us that you understand and feel good about our program and what you’re paying for our services.


Workers seek financial security, quality health benefits, a safe working environment, and opportunities for retirement savings. Partnering with Surge will provide all of those essential elements that workers are looking for at a price you can afford due to our economies of scale.