Employee Leasing

Running a company is difficult enough, never mind having to worry about human resources, compliance, payroll, benefits, safety, workers compensation, and recruiting.  Companies are concentrating on their core business and outsourcing any issues that do not relate to that core. Business owners enjoy offering their employees big company benefits while retaining their small company atmosphere.

Surge Resources, Inc. employs thousands of people and all of those people are covered under one group. The strength is in the numbers. Costs for benefits such as medical, dental, workers’ compensation, and more are offered at a reduced rate, due to the size of Surge Resources, Inc.’s client base and employee count. Call Surge today to set up an appointment to discuss how you and your business can offer employee benefits at a reduced rate.


When it comes to employees – Surge handles all the minutia that bogged me down.  Partnering with Surge truly changed my life by giving me back the time to focus on the two pillars of my success today: business growth and personal family time.

JoeBusiness Owner, Construction Company in Manchester, New Hampshire