Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Maintaining a safe workplace, providing worker’s compensation coverage, meeting OSHA standards, initiating background checks and drug testing programs are some of the risk-related challenges that employers face. Surge’s Risk Management Team has the training and certification necessary to help you meet the challenges of completing safety assessments and providing the training, guidance, and support you need to identify and minimize hazards in your workplace.

If there is an incident, our thorough understanding of workers’ compensation laws, along with aggressive claims handling and return-to-work programs, helps keep your exposure to a minimum while assuring that your injured employee receives proper care. We are not an insurance company and our motivation does not include an increased commission if your premiums increase.

All services at Surge are “pay as you go” including the workers’ compensation program.  You won’t be subject to any surprises or audits and you will be able to forecast and budget better.

Surge operates as an advocate for our clients to question all actions by the workers’ compensation carrier.  We utilize “best practices” to make sure the injured employee is cared for and back to work as soon as possible.  It is our policy to question all charges and reserves and keep you as involved as you would like during the life of claim.


I was tired of living in fear of my workers’ compensation audit. We were always paying way more upon renewal and having to come up with all of that money for last years policy and the deposit for next years policy was horrible. I signed up with Surge and I paid my workers’ compensation insurance weekly on a “pay as you go” plan with no big deposits or audits. Surge helped my business to smooth out cash flow and they showed us how to “job cost” to save some money.

Beth Owner, Landscape Design and Maintenance Company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire