Happy employees make all the difference! They stay!

by Jim Petrucelli & George Attar, Co-owners of Surge Resouces

Surge has the know-how and experience to effectively manage workforces of all types.  The culture of a company is important and the needs of employees need to be met.  For example, something as simple as a payroll address change can make an employee upset if you do not have the right process and procedures in place to respond appropriately.  Employees can feel unappreciated if their needs are not being met.  When choosing to work with Surge, we make sure every detail is addressed so that all workers are confident their issue is being handled by competent human resource professionals.  Happy workers tend to stick around longer avoiding hiring and training costs for new employees, it is a win-win.  Lower turnover helps the bottom line.

Surge can help your company grow.

by Jim Petrucelli & George Attar, Co-owners of Surge Resources

Growth can be measured in many ways.  Our clients see big gains with time.  Time to focus on their business rather than the minutia of daily paperwork, weekly payroll, and administering employee benefits.  That takes a lot off their plate and allows the capacity in their workweek to focus on the things that count, like growing their company.  We also handle searching for, advertising, and onboarding the right staff your business needs to handle that growth.  Learn how we can help, you would be surprised with the impact our services can have.

Use a PEO, use Surge Resources to stay in business.

by Jim Petrucelli & George Attar, Co-owners of Surge Resources, Inc.

Being a member of NAPEO allows us to access some interesting statistics that are valuable to business owners and managers.  If you have a great company that is having trouble getting the business of the business straight, you may want to consider talking with us.  Our clients have more stable businesses from outsourcing the human resources and workforce management aspects of their company to us.  Our team are experts in the industry and the work we do for our clients allow them to focus on their core competencies.  The results are a more stable business and focus on growth.  Partnering with Surge may be the best decision you have made for the future of your organization.  The first step is connecting for a free consultation.

What is a PEO and why should I consider hiring one for my business?

by Jim Petrucelli and George Attar, Co-owners of Surge Resources, Inc.

Surge Resources, Inc., is a professional employer organization (P.E.O.) that is based in New Hampshire.  We provide our client companies with a multitude of services that involve workforce management. We are a great fit for company owners and managers that want to outsource the headaches of hiring and maintaining great employees.  We provide solutions to help companies grow while being compliant and responsible to their workforce. We manage payroll, provide workers compensation insurance, handle recruiting, provide ongoing development, manage training and safety programs, and act as the Human Resources and Risk Management component.  

Our clients value our services because they have more time to focus on business growth and see cost savings in many areas they were having difficulty managing.

We offer resources on our website at www.surgehrs.com and provide a free consultation to those who would like more information about our services by calling Jim at (603) 623-0007  Surge Resources, Inc. Your Total Workforce Solution